19 February 2016

Enernet would bring "liberation"

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While continuing to bet on synthetic biology as the eventual solution to energy inequality and crises, a Beliefnet post nevertheless embraces another vision called enernet.

Enernet is the idea of providing energy to everyone for free via a type of global power supply network constructed similarly to the internet. It would adhere to a similar philosophy to the internet too, making it almost a human right that everyone can be connected to this network of sharing and mutual survival.

The post is a partial review of a Lifeboat Foundation essay series. It suspects energy firms and powerful states would prefer to keep control of global energy supplies in the hands of a small few government and industrial elites, somehow, and the enernet might be no exception to this. Although such injustice would certainly be the result of some futuristic schemes to build a small number of giant thermonuclear fusion reactors like the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) to replace fossil fuel supplies, the post sees the enernet as something different.

To cut a long story short, because the enernet would be connected to widely distributed and decentralized sources of fuel, it should not result in political or strategic imbalances, inequalities and lopsided international relations of the kind currently seen. The post reports that the enernet sounds like a fair and balanced solution to the energy needs of disparate individuals, communities and isolated states across the world. The prediction given is that, if feasible, it would bring a form of technological "liberation" to the world's impoverished and voiceless populations similar to the internet.

A complete theory of techno-liberation to follow up from the development of the internet is explained in Catalyst, the main source of inspiration for this blog.

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