9 February 2016

Anti-Assad forces losing and desperate

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Different analysts are of the view that the rebel groups opposing the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria are losing the war.

The view is also supported by the foreign policy comments and behaviors of Saudi Arabia and its allies, who have backed these insurgent groups in Syria for years. Desperate threats to invade Syria with foreign national armies are the result of the proxy war's impending failure.

Syria's government responded to Saudi Arabia's aggressive posturing and threats of an invasion of Syria by promising to send any aggressor back in a "wooden coffin". Although doubting a Saudi invasion is a realistic possibility, the Syrian Foreign Minister called the Saudi leadership "crazy" and said nothing is impossible in their minds.

Throughout the conflict, countries aiming to take control of Syria have usually hidden behind the so-called political "opposition" against Bashar al-Assad, claiming they are only interested in democracy, until now. At this point,  masks seem to have dropped and various dictators are lining up to invade Syria for their own selfish interests, proving what the conflict was about all along. Such dictators include the corrupt murderer Erdogan in Turkey, who is also accused of massacring Kurds and supporting ISIL terrorists.

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Dismissing the Saudi leadership as cowards who would not fulfill their promise of an invasion, an Iranian military commander noted that such an invasion would be "suicide" and Saudi Arabia will certainly be defeated if its troops try to occupy Syria. A Saudi-led coalition has already been waging an unsuccessful war to punish Yemen after a pro-Saudi ruler was driven out of the country.

During their war, the Saudis have lost many troops and failed to accomplish any of their objectives. Their own territory has even been invaded and bombarded heavily by Yemen, as the poorest country in the Middle East (Yemen) manages to humiliate the wealthiest one.

A post at Beliefnet comments on the desperation of the anti-Assad forces in Syria, noting, "Really, they just want more weapons from foreign countries, and to ask other countries to invade and reinforce them." The post was rejecting the peace talks on the grounds that they are just trying to take pressure off Western-backed terrorists and enable them to continue their massacres of the Syrian people.

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