16 February 2016

Alex Jones hates Bernie Sanders

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Talk show host Alex Jones aggressively opposes Bernie Sanders, the only electable politician challenging the US political elite.

According to Representative Press, who ridiculed Alex Jones' empty 'message to Sanders supporters', Alex Jones is supporting and vindicating the US political elite and its irrational ideology with his remarks.

This contradicts Alex Jones' attempts to portray himself as a forthright journalist who rejects the "globalist elite" and is driven by a desire for "freedom". Jones is widely considered to be a conspiracy theorist. Others see him as a conman, a mindless entertainer and a charlatan whose personality is fake and whose conservative values are an act. Watch the Representative Press video below:

Representative Press pointed out that Google continues to monetize Alex Jones' puerile, stupid videos while failing to monetize RP videos.

Alex Jones is a cash cow for the "globalist elite" within Google and the US broadcasting authorities he claims to oppose. While real dissident views are censored or marginalized in the US, InfoWars media pollution is broadcasted into millions of homes by the US government.

Petition: Google must end its censorship

As a reactionary, most of Alex Jones' videos and statements are unhinged, based on paranoia and his own personal desires, and have no facts to support them. In particular, Alex Jones is most afraid of the United Nations, which the Jones and other crazies see as a sinister scheme to control the world and personally harm them by confiscating their guns.

Although serious writers and academics ignore Alex Jones, as well as Daniel Estulin and other fake political theorists, many weak-minded people in the United States listen to his rambling "InfoWars" podcasts and believe he is an expert. Jones lacks a serious international audience and has shunned the idea of non-Americans following his work, in line with his hatred towards globalization.

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