2 February 2016

US wars condemned by Mont brother

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An apparent brother from the enigmatic Mont Order has emerged to offer moral and political condemnation of the neocon criminal regime in the United States.

Writing in an exhaustive comment post at his blog on Saturday, Mont member code-named Naughteeis slammed wars, corruption and lies emanating constantly from the American government. Particular focus is given to the Washington regime's war crimes and its attempts to vilify foreign powers and groups to distract the American people from its own brutality.

Preserved from the comment are some of the best quotes we have gathered, and appear below:
"Washington's culture of spectacle and fraud and abuse of power never listens to anyone but their masters who own this country... 
"Real Capitalism would let the fraudsters fail and crash and burn, that's why the idea of free market capitalism is a myth... 
"...when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved NATO had outlived its original purpose and now has become the major belligerent in the world... 
"It's the same old game, [it's] as old as time itself, divide and conquer by creating as much chaos and instability as possible. We keep reinforcing and justifying their hatred for us with our Exceptionalism... 
"Although Washington is the most active with their manufacturing of weapons of destruction and distribution of these weapons around the world, the UK, France, Germany and Russia all arm the world with their modern weapons too... 
"Our government is the perfect definition of insanity. They keep repeating their same old game over and over again hoping for more chaos and death and destruction than the time before... 
"The ones who own this country, the ones who really run this country, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the Deep Police State (DPS) hiding behind the curtain of Government"
The Mont Order has codified, maintained and promoted its new seven-point code of values since its global video conference in October 2015.

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