5 February 2016

Syria "peace deal" meaningless

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Present attempts to negotiate an end to the Syrian Civil War are part of a new effort by western countries to impose their will on Syria.

This was the opinion of Tony Cartalucci, addressing the future of the embattled Arab country at New Eastern Outlook on 22 January.

Syria has been fending off western "regime change" attempts for years, with the devastating attempted coup costing hundreds of thousands of lives and destroying the country's civil infrastructure. Around half the population of Syria has been displaced by the US attempt to impose its shallow ideas of "democracy" and "freedom" on the country by supporting terrorists and corrupt regional governments.

Cartalucci dismissed the current peace talks as a trick. The fake "opposition", made up of foreign thugs and US hit men trying to seize power over the dead bodies of the Syrian people in Damascus and Aleppo, is only negotiating because it is losing the war. Cartalucci believes the end of the war is near, and the west's only reason for talking is that its forces are being defeated:
As Syrian troops backed by Russian airpower move ever closer to the Turkish border in the north, thus cutting the lifelines feeding terrorists operating inside of Syria, and as Syrian forces cut off the Syrian-Jordanian border, the end of the war draws nearer.
Escalation has been one of the other options used by western powers in trying to forcefully impose a pro-western regime over the Syrian people. As Cartalucci writes, the west wants to change the tide of battle yet again in favor of terrorists and prevent a swift end to the war at this stage. It has "attempted to escalate the conflict, and also negotiate an end to it, attempting to leverage what remaining influence it has over the battle via its dwindling proxy forces and the [threat] of direct military intervention".

The increasing threat of direct involvement by the west to defeat Bashar al-Assad referenced above may be the recent attempts by the US to construct military bases inside Syria. A US base is reported to be under construction, in violation of international law and potentially bringing the trespassing US units into direct conflict with both the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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