26 February 2016

Democracy is fake, totally illegitimate

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Political scientist Robert Higgs has offered a compelling breakdown of why democracy is fake, and elected "representatives" are actually illegitimate.

In countries with millions of people with disparate interests, Higgs writes, representative democracy is a "practical impossibility". This casts serious doubt on the claims of western states that they are legitimate and that others, led by "dictators", are illegitimate.

Politicians are "inveterate liars" who prove democracy is fake

Higgs offered the following powerful analysis that should be seen by anyone with an interest in criticisms of democracy:
So, what possible intelligence can voters exercise in casting their ballots? They can vote in accordance with the appeal a particular candidate’s promises hold for them, but relying on candidates to carry out their promises would be childishly foolish. Anyone who pays the slightest attention to politics knows that politicians are inveterate liars; many would sooner lie than speak truthfully even if the truth did not thwart their purposes, because lying would be more congenial to their true, dishonest character. Thus, voters can do nothing more than throw ideological darts, casting their ballots for the candidate who makes the most appealing noises, has the handsomest face, or displays peacock-like the most fabulous partisan posturing.
Full analysis: The Hot-Air Barrier (Independent Institute)

Democracy is fake, and highly prone to start wars due to mass ignorance

Explaining that the promises of politicians are consistently broken, Higgs also wisely argues that elected politicians lie biggest when it comes to foreign policy. Citing that members of the public have some grasp of domestic affairs and are less prone to fall for lies on domestic issues, Higgs contrasts this with the fact there is "no practical limit to the enormousness" of the lies politicians can tell about foreign countries.

Politicians trying to start wars often have an easy time, Higgs points out, due to "the general public’s near-complete ignorance of foreign lands and the political, social, and economic conditions that prevail there". Thus, democracy is fake in its present form, and is used to legitimize the murder machine the west has become when dealing with oppressed countries.

Violent western governments repeatedly cite spreading their fake and insulting democracy as the reason they are going to war, even when the goal of their wars is to install dictators and put millions of people under the threat of arrest or torture.

Demo-skeptic chorus shouts out that our democracy is fake

Praising Higgs' analysis, antistatist writer Thomas Knapp said Higgs always "tells it exactly like it is" (KN@PPSTER).

L'Ordre: Democracy is fake

The Mont Order, to which Thomas Knapp is a friend, also acknowledges western democracy is fake in its code and encourages people observing the Mont Order code to have no faith in it. This view can be called demo-skeptic, a rarely used term denoting a simple lack of confidence in liberal democratic institutions and states.

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