18 December 2015

Pride in 'Western democracy' is cancer

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A third commentary has been issued by Mont Order society friend L'Ordre, addressing the Mont Order's third point in its recently conceived "code".

Published via Dissident Voice, the L'Ordre commentary joins two others addressing their own respective portions of the code of the Mont Order society (first point and second point).

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In addition, the commentary was republished to the Mont Order content website lordre.net. As with earlier commentaries, the following are important selections of text from the Mont Order commentary, which focused heavily on the idea that democracy is largely false or deserving of heavy skepticism:

  • "anyone proud of “the West” and “democracy” today is as good as cancer"
  • "A person with anti-colonialist credentials must necessarily be skeptical of most so-called democratic regimes today. Frequently, the establishment of democracy is nothing but an idol, used as an excuse to bomb weaker states without effective technological means"
  • "When an “elected” government disagrees with the public, the ruler simply dismisses public opinion or even accuses the public of being terrorists and traitors, as the British Prime Minister regularly does."
  • "Being an elected representative today is meaningless and hollow. It doesn’t mean a person is liked, and, in fact, most of them are hated passionately. "
  • "only a few brats who attended expensive schools are ever raised as a politician."
  • "If it is worthless trickery, as the vast majority of the youth will acknowledge by not participating, then why is so-called democracy maintained in the West? "
  • "Not only are Western democratic regimes not superior or more legitimate than others, but they are inferior and illegitimate because they encourage and excuse crimes against humanity."

L'Ordre, "Illegitimate Democracies: On the Third Point of the Mont Order", Dissident Voice, 10 December 2015

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