13 October 2015

The Mont Order's unofficial conspiracy

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The Mont Order, a name well-known to conspiracy theorists (just search Google!) as some legendary and possibly ancient sect of intellectual and social engineers, today has no shortage of influence in the global information media.

According to its biography with the prominent alternative media outlet Dissident Voice, the Mont Order was once a unique society of students with an interest in religion. After its formal existence ended, it has been "continuing its campaigns through friendly organizations". And, rather than manifesting as an evident political group, it has amassed a membership consisting of already active organizations and individuals with the aim of bringing them success and security.

Evidence of Mont's continuing "campaigns" can be found in the writings of a number of bloggers and web-based publications right now. To this end, we have prepared a sample, from the micro-blogging website Twitter, of some of the recent blog posts from the Order's wise and diverse members. The posts illustrate the mutually supportive writing styles of differing members, and how they instinctively work towards the same anti-colonial and liberating goals across the world.

Just follow Mont Unofficial (@montorder), for more posts updated automatically from all across the Mont Order society.

While the Mont Order still appears to lack a published ideology or program, or even a stated headquarters or country of operation, there are no limits to its reach across borders. Mont thinkers already contribute at several influential publications based in multiple countries, and have hinted repeatedly at a goal to enlarge this influence across the world to achieve a truly global network of civil society pressure and information.

Outside observers of Mont have little idea what the Mont Order aims to achieve, and its own members have confessed to not knowing what the group is for. Such uncertainty, while disorienting to outsiders, has not hindered the capability of members to help each other in the field of information media so far.

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