20 October 2015

Transhumanist Party ineffective: Mont

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The Mont Order information media club now sees the Transhumanist Party in both the United States and Europe as ineffective.

Background: What is the Order?

At a Mont "Security Council" location on the deep web, a thread from top Mont advisers established a consensus among Mont transhumanists that the "Transhumanist Party" is ineffective. All the attention was focused on the party in the US, led by Transhumanist presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan.

The resulting Mont statement treated the European bloc as having the same problem and expressed a lack of confidence in it, too. This was the result of a member pointing out its lack of immediate electoral success, although this was a weaker point in the statement, considering the Transhumanist Parties have only existed for less than one year.

Overall, the tone of the Mont Order's statement on the Transhumanist Parties is tame, declaring only "no confidence" and expressing the view that there is a deficit in terms of knowledge, candidates, and overall representation of the transhumanist community in such parties.

Some key quotes from anonymous insiders at the thread are considered acceptable for public use and are as follow:

  • "The TP (Transhumanist Party) is out of control." - October 08, 2015, 09:08:14 PM
  • "Zoltan was just looking to boost traffic to his websites so the whole thing is just a stunt aiming to benefit one man... Transhumanist politics is a contradiction. If transhumanism is about fixing flaws in the human genome and the human brain, why would they need to engineer around people's prejudices and violence by building governments and constitutions? ... The reasons for the existence of these parties are not convincing." - October 09, 2015, 05:02:20 PM
  • "What bothers me is that the US right now wants a Third party candidate and we could have put a Transhumanist on the top of the pyramid. It is such a shame." - October 09, 2015, 09:31:47 PM
  • "I have no grudge against the people, only the organizations." - October 11, 2015, 05:54:43 PM

As shown, the entire concept of transhumanist political parties was also dissected and criticized to some extent in the Mont thread. Critics of the Transhumanist Party USA have stated that the party ignores the broad spectrum of the views held by transhumanists, which are difficult to fit into a single political category.

A petition already exists against Istvan, disavowing him for representing narrow interests and not effectively standing on behalf of the transhumanist community or its shared values. It has already been signed by some eminent transhumanists, including James Hughes, Amon Twyman, Natasha Vita-More, and others.

The Mont Order is an unofficial, unorganized group of news media bloggers and political activists based in multiple countries. Transhumanism, which has some Mont advocates, is a philosophy that predicts technology and medicine fundamentally changing humans as a species, potentially evolving into ageless and physically enhanced "posthuman" creatures.

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