17 April 2015

The Transhumanist Party in the media

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The Transhumanist Party is making shockwaves in national media, with a number of headlines directing readers to transhumanism's new platform aiming to influence government policy in the "techno-progressive" direction.

The clubof.info Blog has compiled some favorite tweets and reports in that vein here, to help readers digest the impact of the Transhumanist Party's new platform and encourage you to consider voting the era-changing visionaries of liberty and technology into office.

A poll taken at the Mirror Online resulted in over half the respondents confirming their support for transhumanism and affirming that they consider themselves to be transhumanists, showing that the philosophy has significant potential for popular support among "Netizens".
Alexander Karran is the first UK transhumanist political candidate and will be the candidate for Liverpool Walton. As the UK Transhumanist Party's Amon Twyman said in a blog post on 27 March, "our hope of actually winning this election is – to be frank – infinitesimal". However, the main intention has been to create shockwaves and make people aware of the emergence of political transhumanism in the UK. Given the media reaction from diverse sources catalogued above, that goal certainly seems to be coming to fruition as the conversation on transhumanism and technoprogressive politics grows in the US and the UK.

The clubof.info Blog

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