28 April 2015

Mont Order takes up new website

The Blog

The Mont Order now has its own website, based at lordre.net, giving the society a new possible means of publishing its members' ideas.

This follows an announcement on 17 April 2015 saying that if the Mont Order approved, the society would obtain this website under its control. The website has now been set up for Mont under the following conditions:
  • The blog will not utilize ads, as this would allow one person to financially benefit from its operation and not be equitable for all involved
  • The blog will not be operated from a specific personal Google account
  • The blog will serve as a hub, with the aim of directing members' traffic to it and then on to other members' blogs
  • Members are encouraged to place a badge indicating membership in the Order and linking to this central website
  • Separately, members should be encouraged to place mutual links to one another's blogs on their own blogs to share traffic
Mont Order members will become "invited contributors" at this shared website.

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