30 November 2021

Criminal Justice Reform Needs to Catch Up With the Meaning of “Public”

“Join me,” US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tweeted on November 29, “in demanding the #GhislaineMaxwellTrial be public.” In reply, attorney (and former Libertarian National Committee chair) Nicholas Sarwark tweeted “Is the Congresswoman unaware that all Federal criminal trials are public, as required by our Constitution?” Mr. Sarwark is correct, but Congresswoman Greene has a … Continue reading Criminal Justice Reform Needs to Catch Up With the Meaning of “Public” → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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The Canary is set to ‘amplify’ young people’s voices. Here’s how to get involved.

How often do you watch or read the news and think ‘what a load of shit’; ‘that’s not how it is’, or ‘why aren’t … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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29 November 2021

OMG, Omicron: Next Step Down the Path From Pandemic to Endemic?

On November 24, South Africa reported detection of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus to the World Health Organization. On November 26, WHO designated it a “variant of concern” and tagged it with the name “Omicron.” At the same time, WHO advised against travel restrictions and other knee-jerk responses to Omicron, and in favor … Continue reading OMG, Omicron: Next Step Down the Path From Pandemic to Endemic? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Banging War Drums Down Under on the China Threat

Right away, the Australian 60 Minutes Youtube video titled “Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world” signals a polemic against China. The video’s opening backdrop features chairman Xi Jinping with a slightly raised fist flanked by a jet, tank, and a battery of missiles. The program is rife with ad hominem, propaganda, disinformation, and […] The post Banging War Drums Down Under on the China Threat first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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28 November 2021

One tweet demolished the Tories’ hypocritical refugee hatred

As people are dying trying to reach the UK via the English Channel, one tweet sums up the toxic attitude and policies of the … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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25 November 2021

World Powers Can Arrest The Course Of Brutalities In Kashmir

World Powers Can Arrest The Course Of Brutalities In Kashmir By Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai Kashmir is a natural paradise, surrounded by India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, and with a narrow Wakhan stripe, separating it from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Compared to... Read More › - Voice of East
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24 November 2021

For Christmas, How About an End to the War on Marijuana?

You’ve seen the headlines. So Have I. For example, a November 23 story in my local paper (the Gainesville, Florida Sun) : “Gainesville man charged with murder for Sunday shooting in dispute over marijuana deal.” It wasn’t a huge marijuana deal. It was a $180 sale. The seller apparently shot a buyer who tried to … Continue reading For Christmas, How About an End to the War on Marijuana? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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23 November 2021

Kashmir Forum Condemns Arrest Of World-renowned Human Rights Activist Khurram Parvez

World Kashmir Awareness Forum Condemns the Arrest of World-renowned Human Rights Activist Khurram Parvez by NIA of India By News Desk WKAF Calls to Protect Activists and Free Speech Washington, DC (November 22, 2021) – The World Kashmir Awareness Forum... Read More › - Voice of East
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22 November 2021

Rittenhouse Verdict: Justice, But Not Joy

On November 19, a Wisconsin jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on various charges related to the shootings of three people (two fatally) during an August night of “unrest” (that is, a protest turned riot) in Kenosha. I expected to see, and did see, a diverse set of reactions to the verdict on my (also diverse) social … Continue reading Rittenhouse Verdict: Justice, But Not Joy → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Jersey has a housing crisis that politicians claim doesn’t exist

Jersey has a housing crisis. The Channel Island, known for its tax avoidance and wealth, is seeing its politicians presiding over chaos in the … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Jumping to China-bashing Conclusions

Peng Shuai, a highly successful tennis player from China is currently at the center of a western media maelstrom. This maelstrom stems from a 2 November post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. Peng is said to have publicly accused the former Chinese vice premier Zhang Gaoli of raping her in 2018. The timing, […] The post Jumping to China-bashing Conclusions first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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21 November 2021

We must mobilise to save our NHS and #ScrapNHSBill

On 22 and 23 November, parliament will debate a bill that threatens the very future of our NHS. Our health service needs our support … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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20 November 2021

The Baghuz Massacre Underlines the Necessity for Freeing Julian Assange

The implications of the Baghuz Massacre should deeply underscore the integrity, morality, and vital importance of WikiLeaks and its heroic publisher and political prisoner Julian Assange. The Baghuz Massacre was a failed cover-up by the United States. WikiLeaks is the journalistic enterprise that shines a spotlight on the egregious crimes of states. Assange is imprisoned […] The post The Baghuz Massacre Underlines the Necessity for Freeing Julian Assange first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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When Giving Thanks, Don’t Forget Your Local Paper

As Thanksgiving approaches, I usually take a little time to think about who and what I’m thankful for and express my. That seems to be the point, after all. This year, for various reasons, my thoughts and appreciation turn toward journalists, newspapers, and other news media. Sometimes the people and institutions we rely on to … Continue reading When Giving Thanks, Don’t Forget Your Local Paper → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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18 November 2021

How Markets are Like the Internet and Dinosaurs

“Slowly but surely,” Neal Freyman reports at Morning Brew, “the supply chain bottlenecks that have plagued the global economy for over a year appear to be easing — or at least have been circumvented.” That’s good news for an American economy damaged by nearly nearly two years of shutdown, lockdown, and slowdown driven less by the … Continue reading How Markets are Like the Internet and Dinosaurs → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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17 November 2021

NHS workers will take to the Thames in protest over Tory chaos

A grassroots NHS campaign group will be taking the fight for fair pay and safe staffing right to the heart of Westminster. And, it … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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16 November 2021

US Policy on Taiwan is a False and Dangerous Two-Step

On November 15, US president Joe Biden and Chinese president Xi Jinping held a “virtual summit” covering a number of subjects and resulting, for the most part, in banal public pledges of “cooperation” to “ease tensions. Biden, however, managed to score a double own goal on the subject of Taiwan by simultaneously justifying bad US … Continue reading US Policy on Taiwan is a False and Dangerous Two-Step → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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14 November 2021

Corporate journalists just wilfully whitewashed COP26’s failure

The corporate journalist press pack fell dutifully into line with the Tory government over the outcome of COP26. But their pushing of government propaganda … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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12 November 2021

A Tory MP’s leaked emails show his contempt for COP26

A Tory MP’s emails to a constituent have exposed not only his contempt for the public but also – seemingly – his own government. … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Cryptocurrency: Dave Troy is Partly Right, But on the Wrong Side

In a series of tweets on November 9, “serial technology entrepreneur” Dave Troy outlines his view of cryptocurrency as  “an ideologically-driven attack on the legitimacy of fiat currency, the @federalreserve, and the incumbent financial system,” and “the sequel to the January 6th” Capitol riot. Let’s dispense with the latter charge first: There’s no merit to … Continue reading Cryptocurrency: Dave Troy is Partly Right, But on the Wrong Side → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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10 November 2021

Martin Lewis just called-out the DWP’s ‘dangerous’ actions

Financial expert Martin Lewis has called-out the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It’s over its advice on people switching energy supplier. The DWP … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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9 November 2021

“Executive Privilege” Should Be Ended, Not Extended

On November 9, DC District Court judge Tanya Chutkan refused former US president Donald Trump’s request, based on “executive privilege,” for a preliminary injunction forbidding the National Archives and Records Administration to release documents to the US House committee grandstanding on … er, “investigating” … the January 6 Capitol riot. If  Trump’s name goes down … Continue reading “Executive Privilege” Should Be Ended, Not Extended → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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8 November 2021

NICE’s new ME guidelines won’t stop the whitewash of the disease

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published new guidelines for the treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). It comes after delay, … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Does Repeatedly Calling China a Threat Reify It?

Hegemony requires a coordinated mechanism to be in place for a belligerent entity to designate enemies, attack the leader(s) of the designated enemy, control the narrative (i.e., lie), launch unprovoked attacks that murder a citizenry, destroy the economic basis of the named enemy, loot its resources, topple the enemy’s leadership, and replace the leadership with […] The post Does Repeatedly Calling China a Threat Reify It? first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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7 November 2021

Graham Bash tells The Canary the Labour witch-hunt will not stop until it guts the party

The Labour Party has expelled Jewish member of over half a century Graham Bash. It comes amid an ongoing purge of left-wing voices from … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Allama Iqbal Broke The Façade Of Indian Nationalism

Allama Iqbal Broke The Façade Of Indian Nationalism By News Desk Celebrations of 144th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal Islamabad – In connection with the 144th birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, MUSLIM Institute organized a Seminar on Allama Muhammad... Read More › - Voice of East
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6 November 2021

How Russia and America pick sides in civil wars

Lordre: There are signs that Russia and America are taking sides in the conflict in Ethiopia. But who is worse than the other? Throughout the Tigray crisis, Russia has been supportive of the Ethiopian government managing its own internal affairs. On the opposing side, the American State Department maintains a list of condemnations of the same regime's handling of its affairs. The Tigray Region's people have genuine grievances against the government of Ethiopia, and increased autonomy may be the solution. However, with separatist rebels seizing core territories from the central government and threatening to march on the capital Addis Ababa, it is clear that something is not right with what should be a very much local conflict for the rights of a region. While the United States has expressed disapproval of the rebels' advances, it is also clear that the US is no friend of the Ethiopian regime anymore, having applied sanctions against it. As always, the sincerity of US intentions with regard to human rights and their sanctions in response to abuses should be doubted. The US staunchly backs notorious human rights-abusing regimes nearby, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. One may compare the possible battle for Ethiopia with the far more severe but now frozen conflict in Syria, where the US also placed sanctions on the central government. In Syria, however, the US went a step further and directly armed rebels in the country. This turned out to be a mistake, as the rebels were not really on the brink of victory and were later pushed back by the central government with Russian assistance from 2015 despite receiving their own aid from the United States. Ethiopia may have irritated the US by growing closer to China rather than Russia, but Russia stands out as more vocal and more passionate than its economic powerhouse ally when it comes to war and conflict. Russia, not China, wants its place on modern battlefields with the US, and it seems to want to be on the opposing team to America. Russia’s position on conflicts is usually just the UN’s position By and large, Russian and Chinese positions on foreign policy are not radical or revisionist in nature. In almost every case, Russian and Chinese demands align entirely with the United Nations. Despite the unfavourable coverage of Russian foreign policy in the Western press, it is the United States rather than Russia that more often seems to ignore international law and the consensus of the United Nations. The US routinely declares governments to be illegitimate and announces a new regime, as it did with Venezuela. This is a violation of the norms of international law and undermines any sincere hopes for a rules-based order, which requires not wantonly interfering in other states and instead going to recognised international bodies with one's concerns. One country's government, whether Western or not, cannot simply act as a kingmaker by declaring part of the world under new management, faxing out communiques for the press to reprint obediently and tell everybody the news. China and (with some exceptions) Russia are fierce defenders of international law. They back up regimes not because they like them or approve of their human rights record, but because they are the recognised government and guarantor of stability in a country. In their view, regime change is reckless and irresponsible and promotes chaos, as observed in Iraq and Libya. It is an obligation in international relations that you recognise the sovereignty of another state, even if it is the not the kind of state you would establish yourself. Surely, you might then say, Russia is at a disadvantage to America. Russia is stuck defending old regimes, while America gets to topple them with sanctions and every other tool in its toolbox? Surely, every government in the world will flip gradually to the side of America? This is the thinking that seems to guide aggressive American foreign policy, but the Russians see things differently. Russia, and possibly America too, may not have the resources or requisite influence to overthrow all the world's governments and set up new ones. Russia does tend to go for lower-cost strategies or wait for the other side to become tired, whereas America tends to throw money at problems. All things being considered, the Russian approach seems to be working better. Russia winning allies effortlessly while the US struggles to retain them While America failed to turn Syria into a friendly country despite pouring significant funds and ten years of its time into the effort, Russia won a major ally with very little effort and less time just by shoring up the Syrian regime in its time of need (it even profited from weapons sales and acquired a large military base). While America devises sanctions to pressure its former long-time ally Turkey to do its bidding, Russia simply doesn't do that and therefore is a more appealing partner to Turkey. Russia is able to appeal to America's allies to change sides based on the mere fact that America is so unappealing as an ally. America doesn't want the outcomes other countries want; it wants what America wants and has no tolerance for the interests of others. By just tolerating other regimes and their goals (what has been called a multipolar world in Russian foreign policy advocacy), Russia is able to steadily ally with everyone at very little cost, whereas America has to enter a costly confrontation with each government in the world. While the US may decide to overthrow the government of Ethiopia, and may see Tigrayan rebels as possible servants in a new regime, such a step would not convert more of the world or even this one country to America's cause. The Russians and Chinese are not going to help the Ethiopian government oppress the Tigray Region and create a spectacle for Americans. They will simply pursue a peaceful settlement in the country. Tigrayan fighters, if they really received American backing and were victorious, would eventually just desire a peaceful homeland rather than to act as agents of destruction against some regime, and the Americans would begin to hate them.
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5 November 2021

340,000 DWP claimants are affected by one court case

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is having to look at 340,000 people’s social security claims. It’s happening as a result of a … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Pakistan Senator: Move Relevant Courts For War Crimes Against Indian Premier For Genocide Of Kashmiris

Pakistan Senator: Move Relevant Courts For War Crimes Against Indian Premier For Genocide Of Kashmiris By Our Special Correspondent Bipartisan Support In Pakistan On Issues Of Kashmir, Palestine, Nuclear Programme And The CPEC Washington, DC. November 5, 2021 – Senator... Read More › - Voice of East
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4 November 2021

Was it a Clown Car or a Cop Car I Saw?

A year after the man dubbed the “Insane Clown President” by Matt Taibbi was voted out, Trump-era dread still haunts the USA. As the end of October approached, numerous news outlets debunked online rumors that “clowns are allegedly planning their own purge the night before Halloween.” Yet while madcap maniacs’ mayhem was conspicuous in its … Continue reading Was it a Clown Car or a Cop Car I Saw? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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3 November 2021

When Our Politicians Buy Never-Ending War, We Get What They Make Us Pay For

In 1954, Congress passed, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed, a bill transforming Armistice Day — November 11, a post-World-War One celebration of peace — into Veterans Day,  a celebration of warriors. Personally, I stick to the original name and the original purpose in my observation of the holiday. Looking at the numbers involved, though, … Continue reading When Our Politicians Buy Never-Ending War, We Get What They Make Us Pay For → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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The DWP is facing court again over Jodey Whiting’s death

A mother whose daughter took her own life after what she described as “obvious failings” by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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2 November 2021

Ethiopia: Assailed by Terrorists and Betrayed by the West  

As the new government led by Prime-Minister Ahmed Abiy takes office for their second term, the West’s relentless propaganda campaign against Ethiopia continues. Since the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the Ethiopian State on 4 November 2020 (the day after President Biden was elected coincidentally), the US and allies, factions within UN agencies and […] The post Ethiopia: Assailed by Terrorists and Betrayed by the West   first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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Should One Stand up for Western Values?

What are western values? One often hears a representative of a western country praising its western values. In a 2017 statement Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau adumbrated Canadian values as “openness, compassion, equality, and inclusion.” Given the psychological torture that Julian Assange has been subjected to over the years at the hands of western nations […] The post Should One Stand up for Western Values? first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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Expect An Intensification Of Information Warfare Against Ethiopia

Expect An Intensification Of Information Warfare Against Ethiopia By Andrew Korybko The kinetic phase of the conflict is expected to intensify together with the psychological one. The authorities’ success in the former will be dependent on society’s success in countering the... Read More › - Voice of East
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1 November 2021

The Metaverse: Gateway to Unanimous Consent and Panarchy?

It’s official: The company that runs Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has a new name, Meta Platforms, Inc. The company’s focus, according to its introductory announcement, “will be to bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.” The metaverse is a decades-old concept. Neal Stephenson coined the term in his … Continue reading The Metaverse: Gateway to Unanimous Consent and Panarchy? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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