3 July 2015

Invited to the Mont Order?

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Were you invited to join the Mont Order?

The Mont Order refers to two things. One is the group alleged to have existed in an Internet-borne conspiracy theory. The second is the group that really exists right now as a small online collective, a federation of sorts consisting of writers, activists and even whole movements.

That is the interpretation advanced by L'Ordre, Mont Order blogger, writing at the Mont Order primary website in an appeal to potential new candidates on 1 July.

I was invited to the Mont Order. What is the Order? What should I do?

Appealing to writers who receive invitations to join the Mont Order, L'Ordre pleaded for them to "take advantage of a unique opportunity now".

New members must be accepted by a body called the Mont Order Security Council before they can be added to the Mont Order's lists and included on the Order's internal forums. However, L'Ordre estimated that new candidates invited to the Order are "extremely likely" to be accepted at this stage as the Mont Order is in its formative state as an online collective.

New members will have significant influence over the kind of group that the Mont Order eventually becomes, L'Ordre asserted, adding that new members are granted with "the utmost respect and sovereignty by us".

The Blog

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