24 July 2015

Iran nuclear deal vs. the lunatic fringe

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Opponents of the deal between Iran and world powers are the "lunatic fringe of world opinion".

According to the L'Ordre blog hosted at Beliefnet, the opponents of peace in the Middle East are "a group of isolated warmongers who despite humanity and want to unleash a holocaust on the world in their despair at the growing global chorus to liberate Palestine." The source of America's problems with Iran is Israel, the blog states in a brief analysis published last weekend.

Israel is a "parasite state" that has relied on committing crimes against humanity, annexing land and throwing innocent people out of their homes in order for this regime to survive. Its existence is even more parasitic when it comes to relations with the United States, with Israeli leaders demanding that Americans should die for them in wars against Israel's enemies so the "world's most cowardly regime" will not have to fight its own wars.

The L'Ordre blog took aim at Israeli influence in US politics, describing this as the "most bloodthirsty atrocity" Israel has committed because it has inspired American-led wars to be waged based on lies. However, the blog promises, this influence is shrinking as even the Jewish community in the United States is abandoning Israel, leaving it to be defended by Christian extremists who are "no less interested in starting a Third World War to bring about the Rapture".

Ultimately, the results of Israel's problem with the Islamic world may be of little consequence to Israel's survival, as this is a parasite state and could not survive the deterioration of relations with the United States or other important world powers.

The Blog

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