18 December 2015

Erdogan cries "treason" over interview

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The Erdogan "caliphate" regime in Turkey has accused an MP of "treason" for telling the truth about Syria.

That case was opened by the Chief Prosecutor's Office against Istanbul MP Eren Erdem (Republican People's Party CHP) after he explained Turkey's role in supplying chemical weapons to terrorist groups in Syria at the Russian news network RT.

As shown in the video below, Eren Erdem told the RT network that ISIL received the needed chemicals to produce deadly sarin nerve gas via transit through Turkey. This was based on evidence from a criminal case. Erdem pointed out that there may have been a cover-up by the ruling Erdogan regime in Turkey.

The authorities had actually arrested 13 suspects for aiding ISIL in procuring chemical weapons. Erdem said the prosecution was abandoned and the suspects were allowed to cross the Turkish-Syrian border.

Erdem confirmed that Western-backed terrorist groups, not Syrian Army soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad as reported in Western media, carried out a chemical attack on civilians in East Ghouta in 2013. It may have been done using the weapons supplied through Turkey.

Turkey has been accused by many different powers of supporting the ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq. In addition, Turkey has acted aggressively and capriciously, invading Iraqi territory and shooting down a Russian warplane while it was bombing ISIL positions near Turkey.

Turkey's pro-ISIL actions have brought Turkey's Erdogan regime to the brink of war with Moscow, with Russia even massing troops against the Turkish border in Armenia, according to Fort Russ, and surrounding Turkey with anti-aircraft missiles including those of its naval cruisers.

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