8 December 2015

Media wants "batsh*t" fear of dark skin

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Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp has commented on the irresponsible and provocative way some media, in particular the Daily Mail, responded to a recent terrorist incident in California.

Media quoted some residents from the scene of the crime in San Bernardino, California. Some of them were reported stating that they knew "middle easterners" were receiving many deliveries and working at night, but that they did not report it to law enforcement for fear of racial profiling. Knapp was quick to point out that they were correct: their refusal to racially profile the killers for having dark complexions cannot be blamed for the killings.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27 committed what is now considered to be an ISIL-inspired terrorist attack on US soil on December 2 using pipe bombs and semi-automatic weaponry. Both were eliminated by US security forces at the scene of the crime, but had managed to murder 14 civilians during the tragic events.

Earlier on The clubof.info BlogUS wants a terror attack to justify spying

Thomas L. Knapp, who goes by the nickname KN@PPSTER and is also part of the Mont society which recently declared a revolutionary value system in October, wrote on his blog Friday that the media's biased comments amount to "encouraging everyone else to go batsh*t insane if a swarthy new neighbor orders too much stuff from Fingerhut". KN@PPSTER argues the reports were presented in such a way that they imply racial profiling is an acceptable standard for judging someone's guilt and reporting them to the police. This much is apparent in the comments section of the Mail article, in which users condemn "political correctness" for enabling the attack.

In full, the director offered this commentary obtained by The clubof.info Blog's network:
If you think your neighbors tinkering in their garage at night and receiving lots of packages is "suspicious," you're paranoid... And if your reason... is that they look like "middle easterners,"... what you are doing is racial profiling...
Further information can be found at knappster.blogspot.uk

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