11 December 2015

Blair rants to defend himself in article

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Wanted war criminal Tony Blair ranted in a recent article published at the UK magazine Spectator, in an attempt to defend himself.

Blair avoided mentioning Iraq or his crimes in that country throughout his article, instead focusing on what he called the "tragedy of the Labour party's current position".

Most of Blair's article was vacant and avoided making any particular statement other than vague references to his own ideas being more "realist", despite them leading to failures, humiliation and defeats such as the Iraq War or strongly related ongoing Syrian conflict. At one point, Blair almost mentioned the Iraq War, stating as follows:
Post 9/11 I became convinced that Islamist extremism was the security issue of our time. People can agree or disagree with the decisions which I took and the emphasis I put on the partnership with the USA, but I took them not in defiance of progressive politics but in furtherance of them.
In essence, Blair was trying to conflate illegal British aggression in support of right-wing American thuggery with "progressive politics". Other commentators may see Blair's article as Nineteenth Century imperialist drivel trying to portray the West as a superior civilization that is morally compelled to conquer others.

To date, Tony Blair and others who helped his regime commit a war of aggression in Iraq in 2003 have so far escaped trial or execution by international authorities for their crimes, despite overwhelming demands for neocon criminals to face justice.

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