1 December 2015

UN needed vs ISIL: UK Transhumanists

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UK Transhumanists commented on possible UK airstrikes against ISIL Takfiri terrorists being extended to the battlespace of Syria. Already, the UK is conducting such strikes in Iraq in collaboration with US allies, with apparently no impact on the course of the conflict.

In a press release last week on 25 November, the UK Transhumanist Party explained its position. Attacking Syria without unambiguous approval of the United Nations or a request from the Syrian government still in power in Damascus would be an action without blessing from the party.

The party said it would support bombing in Syria only if it meets three important conditions as follow:
(a) That the military action is limited to strikes against Islamic State and will not be widened to include other factions in the civil war or elsewhere.
(b) That it is part of a wider plan to end the war in Syria to enable refugees to return home, even if it means backing Assad on a temporary basis with Russian assistance.
(c) It must have the consent of the Syrian government or the United Nations.
Stating that the achievement of a lasting peace settlement in Syria should be the priority of all sides combating ISIL, UK Transhumanists continue to condemn ISIL. However, the determination to destroy this group should not be used as a justification to break international law, as David Cameron is trying to use it in his arguments at the House of Commons.

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