13 November 2015

"Stateless strength" the answer: L'Ordre

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The extracts here are from a commentary issued by L'Ordre on the subject of the Mont Order as a model information club. In the extracts, the Order's strengths are presented, along with reasons why the expansion of the Mont society is beneficial.

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The items were published in a brief commentary and appeared at the well-known alternative media publication Dissident Voice back on Sunday, 8th November. Said commentary is itself a response to the highly public video articulating the Mont Order's views in its own members' voices via YouTube.

L'Ordre is known to be a handle used by an apparent lone "dark knight" of the Mont Order society, identifying only as a "friend" of the intentionally elusive coalition calling itself the Order. The Mont Order is itself a global society of writers and political "provocateurs", to borrow the description offered by one member on a blog.

Interestingly, L'Ordre is also a name used by a blog hosted at leading global religious website Beliefnet and also friendly to the Mont Order. It is additionally an alias of the Mont Order itself, in short for "L'Ordre de la Montagne".

  • "Where only the elusive international Order can be tracked, and full responsibility cannot be placed on an individual, campaigns of persecution collapse with their own folly."
  • "Indeed, being party to an international collective not only denies these regimes power over you but robs them of their legitimacy, which is why such membership is a strategy for stateless strength and resistance across the globe."
  • "All the traditional mobilizing capabilities of a political party, media outlet or pressure group can be achieved without a formal organization or headquarters."
  • "In order to survive disruption, alternative media groups and dissident movements will have to mimic the structure of the internet itself, linking to countless other sites and movements rather than emphasizing any single site or entity."
  • "Activists standing against the world’s most powerful regimes can take refuge in the internet. If we understand and mimic the social structure of the internet, promoting all solidarity and mutual assistance eventually between millions of users, the archaic states and authorities will find themselves powerless to silence the will of the people."
  • "By the same facts, the world’s most arrogant regime will spy on everyone, but it will not stop everyone."

L'Ordre, "Organizing without Organization: On the First Point of the Mont Order", Dissident Voice, 8 November 2015

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