1 March 2016

'Mont Order not an organization'

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A post to unofficial Mont Order website lordre.net asserts that the Mont Order is not an organization.

The post, made on Saturday 27 February, also refutes the idea that the Mont Order group has a "security council" anymore. It is posted by L'Ordre, the social media handle of one friend of the Mont Order.

This follows a global audio conference that had been planned between Mont Order associates. The discussion did take place between six Mont Order friends and has been made available as an audio track via YouTube. The discussion has been released for reasons of recording the Order's own recent history, rather than being published in any particular viewer-friendly form.

Saturday's L'Ordre post on the Mont Order appeals to the real nature of the Mont Order as an urban legend, a metaphor and a pluralistic gathering rather than an official organization. At present, the Mont Order is an entirely digital gathering loosely bound together only by a 7-point code of values from 2015. This code, the post mentions, could be delivered in book form to some Mont Order friends.

The message that the Order is no normal, formal organization with a set agenda has been put forward before. In "Organizing without Organization" it is made clear that the Order does not follow traditional management, rules or see any need to have its own model organization. Instead, in principle, the name and idea of Mont Order are simply applied by professed friends of Mont by achieving consensus on defining world events and ideologies.

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