15 March 2016

Cameron's PMQs fail gets him 1 star

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Weighing in on the incumbent Conservative government's poor record on support for vulnerable members of society, writer Steve Topple comments "Cameron spectacularly failed to answer one single question" from Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn during a recent session of Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs).

Topple dismissed PM David Cameron's responses as "dodgy statistics and retorts about a “growing economy”" that evidently are cherry picked from studies that also contained not-so-friendly analysis of the government's performance in welfare (conveniently omitted by Cameron). According to Topple:
"Ignoring Corbyn’s challenge to the utterly nefarious £30 cut to Employment and Support Allowance for those in the “Work-related Activity Group” (going against the House of Lords, and unending calls from charities and trade unions), Cameron trotted out his guff about a growing economy, and incredulously said that “reforming welfare” was helping to “get the deficit down… helping to deliver for working people in Britain”. (Working? Those 800,000 people on zero-hours contracts, perhaps.)"
Deeming such a response "contemptable", Topple gives some praise to Jeremy Corbyn, noting "Corbyn was actually asking him quite direct questions this week", departing from his previous excessive polite form. What Topple saw was a "more impassioned performance at PMQs", harrying the incumbent regime over the "overall disregard the Tories have for those at the lower rungs of society". Challenging the Prime Minister on the profound contribution of the current state to deepening child poverty in the name of reducing public spending, Corbyn also noted that "99%" of Cameron's responses to his questions had been insufficient.

Read Steve Topple's full post here

Ultimately, Steve Topple gives a tally: "Cameron – 2/10" (1 star); "Corbyn – 7/10" (3.5 stars), thus making Cameron's attempts to fend off Corbyn's questions and challenges a big fail.

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