8 March 2016

The Venus Project and transhumanism

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Somewhat connecting the issues talked about by the Venus Project and transhumanists, a recent issue of TVP Magazine features an eBook mentioning longevity and resource abundance to be achieved by technology.

Authored by TVP Magazine project manager Tio, an infographic-style ebook goes over a lengthy TVP-inspired account of the history of economics. It then makes the case for a technological paradise without any of the problems of war brought about by scarcity, trade and currency.

Interestingly, the free eBook, titled The Money Game and Beyond, mentions some issues important to transhumanist and futurist authors, including resource abundance and longevity achieved through science and technology. While praising the work of current developers, activists and movements towards open source solutions and decentralized governance and production, the book laments a lack of overall "design" behind such goals.

In its summary, the TVP ebook argues it would be a myth to say breakthroughs in medical science are radically extending human lifespans. In reality, "modern medicine" is simply extending lives in ways that it did not have the opportunity to do in the past, the book says. As such, the book concludes, "defeating aging will not remove poverty, wars, corruption and the like, but retiring trade (the money game) will certainly allow enormously more research on curing aging, along with solving most of the world's problem". This is part of a larger criticism of other existing scientific and political movements as simply treating "symptoms" of an ailing society rather than providing real cures targeting the fundamental causes of such ailments.

The goal of the Venus Project, mostly the work of futurist Jacque Fresco, has been to design a specific alternative society, including by constructing entire new circular cities.

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