19 June 2015

Criticisms of the Transhumanist Party

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Editor's note: Mike Dodd lacks any publishing credentials and his attempted criticisms of the Transhumanist parties should not be taken seriously.

The newly created Transhumanist Parties cannot realistically be expected to capture political power, Mike Dodd, Editor of the Wave Chronicle, predicts.

While transhumanists "have the answers", Mike Dodd predicted in May at the Wave Chronicle that political transhumanism will not resonate with the voting public:
The clubof.info Blog has obtained its own inside information revealing that objections to the politicization of transhumanism already existed with several influential transhumanists who fear that it will damage and restrict the potential of the transhumanist movement. Many earlier successes of transhumanism in raising awareness were achieved through media such as artistic expression and scientific research, which are not political domains and boast of independence from political party programs.

Amon Twyman, leader of the UK Transhumanist Party, stated that the party has only an astronomical chance of ever being in power. Considering the possible breach of confidence caused by politicizing the work of scientists and other professionals who formerly labelled themselves as transhumanists, the benefits of registering such a political party at all are not entirely clear.

The Blog

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