23 June 2015

UK and Ukraine neo-nazis connect

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UK-based Neo-Nazis have met with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the Daily Agenda blog reported

Quoting a number of other media materials posted to the Internet to confirm this revelation, the blog's dissident writer Simon Tomlin stated that it "proves everything that I have alleged in the past about collusion between British neo-Nazis and their brethren in Ukraine".

The blog also made reference to possible links between the British regime and the neo-Nazi illegal fighters known to operate in Ukraine. British police forces also have a history of collusion with neo-Nazis and other far-right groups, much like the British regime's collusion with fascist sympathizers in Ukraine.

The blog argued that a meeting of neo-Nazi groups from Ukraine and Britain could not have taken place without regime approval:
Whatever the truth and extent of the ongoing collusion between British and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, particularly through the Misanthropic Division, there is now doubt at all that this collusion is happening with the full consent of the British Government and the ersatz media turns a blind eye in its conspiracy of silence.

The Blog

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