26 June 2015

Should "Internet" be capitalized in text?

The @hjbentham Blog

Whether we choose to use a capital "I" for "Internet" may be "a deeper question that it at first appears to be".

This was part of an analysis posted to the L'Ordre blog hosted by the top world faith website Beliefnet on Saturday, 20 June. The blog made reference to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's theories about the emergent politics of the Internet, as well as whistleblower Edward Snowden's philosophy and his attachment to the culture of the Internet.

Arguing that Edward Snowden felt that the Internet was a "home", and post-nationalist dissidents view the Internet almost as their country, the blog made a case for continuing to treat the Internet almost as a "metaphysical space" and a legitimate power in its own right:

The post said that the Internet allows people to look beyond their own country and function as "citizens of the world". "No technology has made such a notion more factual than the Internet", the blog argued. On this basis, writers might choose to be sensitive to how we portray the Internet and indicate its significance, even sovereignty, by capitalizing it in our writing.

The L'Ordre Blog (Beliefnet)

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