16 June 2015

Review: Diary of a 99%er

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Mont Order blogger Robert Wei has published a review of the book Diary of a 99%er authored by D. Helene.

Encouraging readers to pick up the book, which addresses the "Struggle Between Survival and Creative Self-Expression", Wei wrote of these subjects:
Life in the West is not all that some may imagine. While superficially and materially there may (or may not) be more to content one’s self with the vast majority of people are often stuck in the “rat race,” a seemingly never-ending struggle to keep up with the norms of a society that largely ignores the spiritual health of its members and while appearing more affluent than many of us in the East they are locked into a mind-numbing and soul-crushing existence where even the simple pleasures of living that we sometimes take for grant are missing. “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” – the US particularly exemplifies this existence while in my observation it would be more aptly described the Land on the Unconsciously Enslaved within the Heart of Fear. A powerful elite has obtained almost complete dominance of society in a way that is quite pervasive and intrusive. The Occupy Movement named that elite the 1%. Only the 1% by my estimation actually enjoy to some degree the freedom of that society; a freedom they use to err greatly.
By contrast the life of the 99% is one dominated by hierarchy, bureaucracy and the expectation of mental slavery. Where if you don’t keep up and shut up you might easily find yourself struggling even to survive in a place that otherwise looks like paradise. A place where being poor is seen as a crime and being truly free is viewed as subversive. To free one’s self from the chains of mental slavery – as per the words of the famous song by Bob Marley – one really must attain to a spiritual awakening and real freedom.
One of my family members experienced this life first hand. She was changed by that experience. Living under such duress of pretend affluence working for the boss from hell in none other than the fashion industry, I could no longer recognize the kind and loving sister I once knew. She exhibited even some psychosis – waking in the middle of every night cursing and moving around in an agitated state within her apartment while I visited her once in New York City. I engaged her in her dream state: “Who am I?” “You know damn well who you are, you f@#$ing b^*ch,” then saying the name of her boss. This is not an acceptable “side-effect” of pursuing one’s dream, neither was the disguised poverty or anorexia. I wish she had given up that rat race then to pursue her bliss rather than a mere objective of superficial affluence and high fashion. 
The full review was published on 10 June and can be read at the Mont Order shared blog, based at the central website of the Mont Order club.

The Blog

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