29 March 2016

Conservatives disabled by IDS quitting

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Devastated by the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, Britain's Conservative government is crumbling as its resentful and immoral treatment of disabled people becomes the focus of outrage.

A recent report from the House of Lords Disability Committee shows that government policy has failed disabled people in Britain, and the Opposition has not shied away from using this fact to spearhead its criticisms of the current regime.

With IDS quitting the cabinet, Chancellor George Osborne recently had to retreat on his idea of cutting Personal Independence Payments (PIP), with Labour Shadow DWP Secretary Owen Smith commenting authoritatively that the Conservatives should "find a conscience". Despite having to abandon the PIP cuts, the shadow Secretary points out  the Conservatives won't back down from their continued unethical cuts. They still intend to take £1,500 a year from each of almost 500,000 registered disabled people.

PIP payments go towards people whose are registered blind or have other conditions that prevent them from being able to manage their own daily lives. And while they don't have to worry about left without a helping hand by Cameron's callous government for now, thanks to its defeats, the government will still look for ways to take money away from the disabled and use it to "fund giveaways for the wealthiest and big business", as Smith said.

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