4 March 2016

West-Islam dialogue on values needed

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A dialogue on values between the west and Islam is needed as an alternative to the "clash of civilizations" and "imposition of western culture by force" on Muslims and others.

This is the advice given by Sonia Mansour Robaey at her own blog Les Politiques as well as at the publication Iran's View.

  • Read the version at Les Politiques here
  • Read the version at Iran's View here
  • Read one response at Beliefnet here

From the author's conclusions:
As I wrote in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, a dialogue on values is urgently needed to silence the voices of confrontation.  The clash of civilizations is an idea as backward as the barbaric terrorism it sets out to explain... and fight... by curtailing our civil liberties and creating an artificial wedge between civilizations destined to increase their common ground in an era of rapid communications where societies are becoming more open and more welcoming. 
The promoters of the clash of civilizations are the new enemies of the Open Society.
Open society can mean different things. In its use in Robaey's analysis, it seems to refer to social globalization creating the borderless world, whereas in its original pre-globalization usage by Karl Popper it referred to the liberal democratic state model that only exists in western countries.

Les Politiques was recently added to the blog listings of the Mont Order society. The Mont Order has itself managed to host an element of dialogue on values between the Muslim and western blogospheres by inviting the Pakistan-based Voice of East magazine to add views to online conferences otherwise only seating western bloggers.

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