4 March 2016

Russia broke its own Syria ceasefire?

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Despite the fact Russia organized and demanded the current Syria ceasefire in the first place, pro regime-change sources insist Russia is violating its own agreements and commitments that it set for itself within mere days.

Because the illegal armed groups propped up by the west against Syria are facing collapse and defeat, increasing hysteria and irrational thinking is overcoming the supporters of these so-called "opposition" or "rebel" groups.

More than ever, idiots are lobbying for a larger-scale war that will target Russia and involve the United States in a potential nuclear armed confrontation about the war in Syria.

Pushed up against the Turkish regime's border and begging for the despots in Saudi Arabia and Turkey to send troops to rescue them, Syrian "opposition" forces are again whining throughout the international media for foreign powers to refuse peace and instead invade the country. Rather than accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons or accusing Russia of bombing hospitals, for which they don't need any evidence to convince war hawks in the US government of the need for regime-change, they are accusing Russia of breaking its own Syria ceasefire within two days.

The claims were already being reported in the Qatari dictatorship-controlled media outlet Al-Jazeera, which has always advocated in favor of the Saudi regime and its massacres of the people of Syria and Yemen, only days after the Russian-drafted ceasefire was implemented.

None of these claims can be taken seriously as they are too farcical. If Russia's plan is to destroy the ceasefire, why did it create the ceasefire in the first place? The absurd allegations were predicted accurately at Beliefnet before they were made. One thing worth noting is that while the US indicates a "Plan B" to dismantle the Syrian state (something all the current traitors and foreign militants responsible for butchering Syria's people advocate strongly), experts in Russia warned that "Plan B" will lead to a nuclear war with Russia if the US attempts it.

From one point of view, it is unsurprising that anti-Syria advocates are accusing Russia of such an absurd crime as conspiring to destroy an agreement it created. They get their information from such faulty and propagandized sources like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) that they can be expected to believe and react to anything except reality.

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