12 January 2016

Ukraine gets same medicine as Libya?

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The deadly track record of the US regime's neoconservative hardliners irrationally attacking countries has, unsurprisingly, found no exception in Ukraine.

Despite a large number of Ukrainians welcoming US neocons as liberators to their country, the international criminals have only proved how destructive they are. Ukraine is in financial ruin and projected to get worse, bringing unprecedented poverty to its people as the price they must pay for becoming another Western fake "democracy".

This was the analysis presented at the small investigative publication Consortiumnews, which has been active since 1995, in a recent January 6 post authored by Robert Parry. Many Ukrainian politicians today can rejoice that their country has successfully joined the club of impoverished military dictatorships controlled by Washington as puppets against its enemies. The rest of the Ukrainian people will not get any more cookies from the US regime.

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Parry writes as follows:
Nearly two years since U.S. officials helped foment a coup in Ukraine – partly justified by corruption allegations – the country continues to wallow in graft and cronyism as the living standards for average Ukrainians plummet, according to economic data and polls of public attitudes.
While noting "the Ukraine crisis represents just another failure of neocon-driven “regime change,” which has also spread chaos across the Middle East and northern Africa", Parry speculates that the neocons' real target for regime change is Russia. He warns that, considering the degree of direct violence the US must commit in order to effect such regime change elsewhere, its irrationality would simply start a nuclear war with Russia.

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Bizarrely, devoted supporters of US foreign policy are incapable of accepting the fact that regime change and democracy-promotion abroad has failed every time. Not a single example exists of the US actually bringing democracy or any kind of positive development to a country with regime change. Whether the case is Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011, or Syria and Ukraine in the present day, the forced and inorganic wars of "democracy" that Americans are still asked to die and pay for have always failed.

Thinkers at the Mont Order believe state destruction is not an accident but is actually the goal of US international criminals, whereas bringing "democracy" is a fiction used to justify their aggression.

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