12 January 2016

'Libertarian President' vs the burqa?

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US Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson withdrew his statements that he would ban the burqa. He earlier justified his argument by saying this type of Islam-associated attire exists to cover up injuries to support violence against women.

According to Johnson, his comments were a "kneejerk response" given to Reason. However, he also gave the same response to two other publications, Politico and the New Mexico Journal. Given his consistency on the position earlier, his dishonesty is clear and there can be little doubt about his Islamophobia.

Antistatist writer Thomas L. Knapp commented on Johnson's dishonesty in a recent blog post, remarking "He wanted to dog whistle to Donald Trump's supporters." Knapp added that Johnson "thought that libertarians (and Libertarians) either wouldn't notice or wouldn't care", alluding to the obvious clash between banning the burqa and the US Constitution as well as libertarian values, establishing that freedom of religion and conscience must not be violated by the state.

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The right-wing publication Daily Beast held an op-ed by Andrew Kirell, concurring that "For 24 hours, the leading Libertarian Party presidential candidate seemed like he was to the right of Donald Trump when it comes to Muslims". Trump himself has sparked significant controversy by saying he wants to ban Muslims completely from migrating to the United States.

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Banning items of attire associated with Islam in the West, including the hijab and also the burqa (which are often confused by many Westerners who do not know the difference) is a common demand used by known racist organizations and political movements in the US and Europe.

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