29 January 2016

Global injustice as an existential threat

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A Beliefnet blog points to "injustices, prejudices and other ailments of global society" as a greater priority than "humanity-threatening disasters" of the kind addressed by the Lifeboat Foundation think tank.

Appealing to the utilitarian philosophy of Jeremy Bentham, the L'Ordre blog, also authored by another Bentham, talks of the "happiness of the greatest number" being preferable to any small minority evading fallout or potential extinction in a global war or disaster.

In the brief semi-review of the Willard Wells book Prospects for Human Survival, the blog attacked the teleology of humanity wanting to avoid genetic-cultural extinction (as opposed to human suffering) at all:
...if the goal in life was to avoid extinction, in a genetic sense, then it is not only impossible (because all lines eventually die out, even the entire human species), but would lead to the absurdity of encasing human DNA in probes and sending them out into space to ensure the maximum possible survival of our genetic material for the longest possible time...
Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2016/01/needs-of-the-many-against-survival-of-the-few.html#ixzz3ySVD7TXJ
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2016/01/needs-of-the-many-against-survival-of-the-few.html#tRH9ZokXciROlysP.99
If we consider that humans voluntarily go "extinct" using contraceptives and abortion everyday, the call for making sure humanity still exists in the distant future appears destined to fail because the notion of human survival already has no appeal in modern society. The only reason nuclear war and other sources of suffering are resisted by most people is due to them being unpleasant, and not due to them erasing humanity's DNA.

Even more strongly rejecting the idea of the super-rich saving humanity by saving themselves from a global disaster, the blog argues the super-rich would be to blame for any potential global nuclear war, therefore should get killed in the war rather than being tempted to retreat into bunkers. However, the blog acknowledges the negativity of such speculation, and urges more optimistic attitudes towards the future.

The small semi-review at Beliefnet appears ahead of a full-size review of the Willard Wells book, to be published separately.

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