26 January 2016

Sanders biography recommended

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Thomas Knapp, head of the Garrison Center and a member of the small Mont Order* from where this blog makes many reports, recommends a major biographical book on US Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Knapp posted the recommendation on his KN@PPSTER blog on Wednesday, including a link the Amazon purchase page.

Bernie, authored by Darcy Richardson who is a friend of Thomas Knapp, is an immense 400-page work. Knapp encourages followers of Sanders and of the US Presidential race in general to read the book, because "You think you know Bernie Sanders, because you've half-attentively followed the Democratic presidential horse race. But you probably don't know Bernie Sanders at all."

He acknowledges, however, that the biography is only likely to reinforce whatever people have thought about Sanders, whether good or bad. This particular book stands out from other works relating to Sanders, due to its length and its detail.

* The Mont Order itself does not actually embrace any political figure, as its code requires it to only support critiques and narratives in the media rather than any electoral platform

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