9 February 2016

UK regime mocks UN Assange ruling

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The narrow-minded regime in London angrily rejected a United Nations judgment that WikiLeaks founder and dissident Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained by the regime, and such detention is human rights violation.

Assange has effectively been besieged by police for years at the Ecuadorian Embassy, which he cannot leave without being immediately arrested due to fabricated suspicions but no charges of sexual abuse advanced by Swedish authorities under intense pressure from the US government.

So, "On 4 December 2015, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) adopted Opinion No. 54/2015, in which it considered that Mr. Julian Assange was arbitrarily detained by the Governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".

This view was quickly rejected by British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond, who issued a hollow claim that the Working Group was not comprised of legal experts and carried no authority. Hammond stated, "I reject the decision of this working group. It is a group made up of lay people and not lawyers. Julian Assange is a fugitive from justice. He is hiding from justice in the Ecuadorian embassy."

However, Hammond's assertion was exposed as a lie by activist and former diplomat Craig Murray, who posted the CVs of the UN lawyers responsible for the report and offered the view, "Hammond’s statement that they are lay people and not lawyers is a blatant, a massive, an enormous, a completely astonishing lie."

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