12 February 2016

Clinton campaign 'covers' NH defeat

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Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign planted an "inside sources" article at Politico supposedly anticipating the Clinton campaign's defeat in New Hampshire.

This is the suspicion of Thomas Knapp writing at his KN@PPSTER blog. Knapp notes how Hillary Clinton "responded" so promptly to so-called "rumors", saying "I'm very confident in the people that I have. I'm very committed to them; they're committed to doing the best we can."

Knapp wrote, "The Clinton campaign planted the Politico story, then offered the "response" so that no matter how things come out in New Hampshire tonight, their bases are covered. They've got preemptive explanations for whatever they decide to do." In sum, therefore, the Clinton campaign quickly planted articles and responses to make the impact of their defeat seem less severe in the public eye. Whether Clinton is going to lose the larger battle against opposing Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is not clear.

The post at the blog quotes The New York Times where it is stated that in New Hampshire at least, Bernie Sanders was destined to be the victor "by a lopsided margin" due to being considered "honest and trustworthy" in contrast with the lying Clinton. This trend favoring the election of honest political leadership, after years of cynical lies and manipulation by warmongering state figures towards the public in the US, is comparable with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party in the UK.

Thomas Knapp is the Director of the Garrison Center and a member of the digitized Mont Order society, who developed a code of values in late 2015 that briefly sums up the collective philosophy of its membership.

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