23 February 2016

"New World Order" is a fail at IR

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Discrediting all use of the terms "New World Order" and "NWO", a Beliefnet post asserts that most people using the terms are misreading International Relations (IR) terminology.

In the IR discipline which originated the rhetorical term, "new world order" (not capitals and never using the acronym NWO) only refers boringly to the post-Soviet global balance of power, the post explains. It means the same thing as "unipolar order", or the balance of power in which the US is the dominant actor in world affairs.

The blog explains clearly:
"As a student of International Relations (IR) I know what the new world order really is. It was a phrase used by President Bush Senior and some other politicians. More often, it is called the “world order” and just refers to the “balance of power” in the world. It is common International Relations terminology... “Old world order” is when the Soviet Union and the United States competed in the Cold War...
It is arguable that the new world order described in IR is now very old, and does not exist anymore, as the US is no longer the single dominant actor. The fact this new world order is so old and has been a failure does not affect the conspiracy theorists who still think the "NWO" is a new power taking over the world, 26 years on.

The blog goes on to say that the associated Illuminati conspiracy theory is "just nonsense", refusing to go into any more depth on that subject. Believers in the New World Order conspiracy theory think the world's governments and political elites are shape-shifting lizard men (David Icke), Satan worshippers (Alex Jones) or Freemasons and that they drink the blood of children, at the same time plotting to reduce the Earth's population.

These New World Order conspiracy theorists such as Daniel Estulin also believe transhumanists - a small humanitarian movement who try to improve longevity and other social ills using technology - are evil narcissists who plan to kill everyone else and turn themselves into immortal gods.

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