15 April 2016

Mont Order conference presentation

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Capturing some of the feelings of the main online authors of the Mont Order society on current events, a new conference presentation is available.

This conference presentation, published to the Academia.edu website, offers much of the text originating at a February 2016 conference by members of the disparate Mont Order.

Discussed in the jointly authored presentation are a number of issues as follow:
  • Introduction
  • Migration and scapegoating
  • Future of migration
  • Future of migrants
  • Future of Europe
  • Future of the Kurdish people
  • Future of citizenship
  • Origins of the Syrian Conflict

While for now the presentation is still in a draft stage, it is being additionally published to L'Ordre's Mont Order shared website lordre.net. Subscribe to the newsletter there to receive the rest of the presentation in parts.

As always, Mont Order members condemned US wars in the Middle East, while looking at the origins of conflict and the singular guilt of western regimes for causing the extensive loss of life.

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