12 April 2016

Are the Panama Papers a conspiracy?

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Although the "leaks" known as the Panama Papers are considered a big story across the world, some are critical of their value and the true forces behind the story.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the tax avoidance exposed therein is only the "tip of the iceberg". Meanwhile, many western publications have obsessively tried to implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin in the tax avoidance scandals resulting from the Panama Papers, despite the complete absence of any reference to him in them.

The Papers are already credited with causing the resignation of Iceland's leader, and of stimulating mass protests urging the British regime's PM Cameron to resign immediately.

There is even a conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin himself orchestrated the Panama Papers, with the lack of US figures named in the leak indicating a high level form of blackmail by Russian intelligence agencies threatening to bring down the US regime or businesses using the scandal. This, according to the conspiracy theory, explains why Putin is not incriminated in the documents, yet neither are US officials and business figures.

Less ridiculous is the view, propagated by WikiLeaks and various hacktivist-aligned experts, that the Panama Papers are too heavily redacted, and that this has been done to the benefit of the US. The leaks also appear to have been sponsored by US-aligned figures and evidence suggests they are "engineered" to benefit the US. The release of the Papers was not a chaotic act of liberation like WikiLeaks' release of US diplomatic cables causing massive fallout for the US regime across the world.

WikiLeaks has itself been asserting via Twitter that the Panama Papers exclude US businessmen and officials from any blame because they are designed mainly to destabilize other countries to serve the US regime's hegemony over them. This view later got cited by Putin himself.

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