1 April 2016

Govt cowers under benefits protest

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A London protest against homicidal Tory disability benefit reforms was silenced on the air, with absurd reasons being offered by UK state and corporate media, Steve Topple writes.

Accusing the government of acting like a vicious mob while protesters assembled peacefully, Topple noted the protest was nevertheless a "triumph".

In the account, which appears at the blog Mutterings from the Left, skepticism about Britain's supposed democratic system is expressed. "MP’s are permitted to shout, hurl insults, espouse lies and propaganda and generally behave like a braying mob in one part of Parliament", Topple writes, while at the same time the very voters these rulers get their mandate from are not allowed to stage a peaceful benefits protest using banners nearby.

Commenting on the disaster of Tory benefits reforms, which were cruel enough to be mentioned by Iain Duncan Smith as a reason for his recent resignation, facts are pointed out by Topple:
  • "1000s of individuals have died after being declared “fit for work”"
  • "countless more have committed suicide after being left destitute by sanctions"
  • "rough sleeping has doubled since 2010"
  • "500,000 more children are in poverty.""
  • "£30 a week cut to ESA"
  • "the chaos that is Universal Credit"
  • "unnecessary stress surrounding the move from DLA to PIP"
  • "800,000 people are set to lose out because of clandestine changes to the tax credit system"
  • "Independent Living Fund that was abolished last year"
  • "there are already two UN investigations into possible human rights breaches by this Government going on (due to their “benefits reforms”)"

Topple says the UK mainstream media is completely ignoring these facts and refusing the cover them, as well as the benefits protest.

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