8 April 2016

"Visions" (Lifeboat Foundation, 2015)

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Prior to this blog's Harry J. Bentham review of the Lifeboat Foundation book Prospects for Human Survival, a review went up at h+ Magazine of an additional Lifeboat book called Visions of the Future.

Both books were published in 2015. Whereas Visions brings together many different futurist authors' works into a single book, Prospects was the sole work of mathematician Willard Wells. Prospects focused mainly on the idea of existential risks rather than future prosperity.

In the March 31 review of Visions at leading transhumanist publication h+ Magazine, the verdict given is positive, expressing that it "belongs on the bookshelves of anyone trying to get acquainted with what futurism, and more so the Lifeboat Foundation, are about".

Great attention goes to Metcalfe's Enernet theory already mentioned in earlier posts. Of this, the h+ Magazine review states:
Jose Cordeiro‘s essay contribution to the book draws attention to the idea of the Enernet, which has been of great interest to me. Ethernet creator Robert Metcalfe’s idea, the Enernet would be part of the “Energularity”, a “global energy network” that would dispense free energy in much the way the internet dispenses free information today. It would, Cordeiro predicts, “positively transform humanity by increasing the global standard of living and connecting everybody around the planet” (p. 596). My own prediction is that providing free energy from distributed sources would be enormously empowering to impoverished communities and isolated, poor countries.
Despite this, various technological advances in energy storage and a revolution in manufacturing may need to occur to really produce such empowering results, the review speculates.

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