15 April 2016

Anti-encryption to destroy Silicon Valley

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What will happen if a recent draft anti-encryption bill gets passed in the US? No less than the evisceration of America's tech industry.

Prepared by US Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, the "bill to require the provision of data in an intelligible format..." demands US tech companies create vulnerabilities to allow encryption to be easily broken. Commenting that the idea seems to work off delusions that only law-abiding American companies could possibly encrypt anything, Garrison Center Director Thomas L. Knapp believes "this bill is custom-made to destroy the US tech industry".

According to the Garrison Center analysis of April 12, such efforts are doomed to relocate all credible companies specializing in encryption offshore. The law will stimulate foreign developers to race ahead in providing encryption services in other countries where they are safe from the authoritarian meddling of the US regime. Not only would this improve the standing of other countries and diminish the US regime in terms of liberty, but it would likely cause the US economy to tank.

It will get a lot worse for the US if this bill becomes a reality. As well as undermining the faith of US consumers in their own tech industry and forcing them to look to foreign companies for privacy protections, the bill is utterly useless as kind of defense against terrorism. Effective encryption is simply a mathematical certainty at this point, and will continue to be abundantly available to everyone from terrorists to essentially any regular citizen trying to avoid surveillance.

However, the US regime will never accept the reality that there is anything it can't control, the analysis continues. According to Knapp, "Nothing’s more important to a politician than believing he or she is in control".

The US regime is so infatuated with the idea of full-spectrum dominance over its own people that it will be unable to resist meddling in the tech industry. It will happen even if this bad course causes the US economy to tank, as industry flees abroad.

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