26 April 2016

"Liberation technologies" to come?

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The following video is narrated by Harry J. Bentham, author of Catalyst: A Techno-Liberation Thesis (2013), using the introduction from that book as a taster of the audio version of the book in production.

As the book opens, "The gravest danger to hegemony and oppression lies at the transformational crossroads of liberation and technology".

In the book, the version of futurism used by the author to influence readers at the Beliefnet website's L'Ordre blog is presented in detail. Watch the clip below to get an idea of what it's all about.

Writing on the planned audio book release at Beliefnet, the author explained the grand vision for advanced technologies hidden in that short book:
I think new industrial refining and manufacturing technologies will emerge with the intent to keep certain (western) countries in economic favor. But these are going to become small enough (synthetic organisms, micromanufacturing devices, additive manufacturing machines, nano-factories) to be shared quickly with the world’s poorer countries, allowing the global poor to develop faster, achieve their aspirations and settle their score with the rich and exploitative countries.
This "techno-political" standpoint is also the main influence on The clubof.info Blog, which focuses on global injustices and the power of technology to change power relations for the better.

The clubof.info Blog


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