19 April 2016

Refugees are the west's fault, inevitable

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The "refugee crisis" is the fault of western regimes, such as the US and Britain, Mont Order members say.

In the text version of an online discussion held by the Mont Order back in February, the future of migration is discussed. L'Ordre offers the view that the refugee crisis really is a crisis (contrary to the comments of other members who see this as an exaggerated description). Furthermore, the west caused it by waging destructive wars.

The relentless US and western meddling, arms supplies, funding trails and other types of intervention by the west in Syria to support another fake "color revolution" are one such destructive war, a more subtle version of the aggression against Iraq seen in 2003.

L'Ordre emphasized that this makes the west responsible for the fate of the refugees fleeing the conflict zones it created. L'Ordre said back in February:
you can either be completely isolated from the events in which case you take no responsibility and no responsibility over any of the people. Or else you get heavily involved in which case you become responsible for all those people. In a way the West by being involved in Syria is responsible for a lot of these people. That's the way I see it. It's responsible for them fleeing that area because of the level of intervention
It puts a burden on the west to allow refugees into their countries, if the west can learn to accept that their wars have displaced so many people.

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