29 April 2016

US, NATO scared by Brexit referendum

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Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) would undermine the military goals of the American regime in Europe, Britain's Foreign Affairs Committee admits in a report.

Meanwhile, Britain's own capability to defend itself would be left unaffected by withdrawing from the European Union. The insolent United States would try to ignore Britain, bypassing London to try and control European governments directly - in its continuing hopes to use them as human shields in confrontations with Russia or other states.

The following vital points in the 26 April report "Implications of the referendum on EU membership for the UK's role in the world" were admitted, and deserve attention when it comes to assessing Britain's future relations with the American regime if Britain leaves the EU:
"Since EU defence co-operation remains intergovernmental, withdrawal from the EU should arguably have a relatively minor impact on the UK’s long-term defensive posture and capabilities...
"UK withdrawal from the EU would eventually result in a “diminution of Britain’s influence on both sides of the Atlantic...
"President Obama and his Administration have made it clear that they would prefer the UK to remain inside the EU, where it is generally seen to promote Atlanticist policies (such as TTIP, which the UK has championed in part to bolster the political relationship between the US and EU)...
"outcomes contain risks for the NATO... With the US increasingly looking to its European partners to shoulder more of the burden for their own defence, a weak and divided EU might unsettle the NATO alliance...
"the EU could become more coherent and unified, but—in the absence of the UK—might do so in ways that threaten to decouple it from NATO, damaging the integrity of the transatlantic alliance."
The report omits the fact that Britain would be safer without having strong ties with the extremist regime in Washington, puppet governments in Europe, and the wars they are waging to support the US government and military's vanity. In particular since the 9/11 attacks, the American regime has conflated its own security with its NATO allies and used them as cannon fodder in Afghanistan, relying on the "alliance" to sacrifice the British people without their consent.

Meanwhile, the British Tory government has continued to celebrate its loyalty to Washington, as can be seen from former Foreign Secretary William Hague's belief that there must always be a "pro-American regime" in London and his recent remarks defending President Obama's right to meddle in UK politics.

While the government report uses a negative tone in its view of the "transatlantic alliance" failing, such failure would bring joy to most of the world's population, who have been stomped on and oppressed for years by western forces and live in fear of the west's increasing weapons of mass destruction. As such, people wanting to reduce the US regime's aggression will likely be voting to leave the EU.

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