1 April 2016

Clinton to be "forced to resign" if elected

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Writing at OpEdNews recently, the Garrison Center's Thomas L. Knapp launched criticisms of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Noting the scandal surrounding Clinton's use of a private email address while working as US Secretary of State, Knapp suggested it is possible Clinton will face prosecution even if she is elected as President. If winning the top job doesn't shield her from the sword of justice, she could be forced to resign shortly thereafter.

This is an example of how serious breaches of security - no matter how petty these seem for a name as big as Hillary Clinton's - should be taken into account by voters.

147 FBI agents are presently investigating Clinton's use of a private email address for state purposes. Prosecution is not off the table. In view of this, Knapp asks, "Do Democrats really want to go all in on Hillary Clinton’s narcissistic sense of self-entitlement, especially when it’s looking more and more likely that the next card the dealer turns up will be grand jury indictments?"

The scandal surrounding Clinton's emails cannot be underestimated, despite how dismissive she and her supporters have been of it. "Even if Clinton herself escapes prosecution, it’s worth remembering that Richard Nixon was never indicted either, but was forced to resign after several of his closest aides were", Knapp warns US voters in the post at the Garrison Center.

Also worth considering is that, while this reckless use of a private email address may seem a minor infraction by someone as high up as Secretary of State when the offense is reported to the public, it is sufficient grounds to get any other civil servant sacked and barred from the job. Any government worker will tell you so.

Why should a presidential candidate be excluded from the penalties applied to other government workers or job candidates? Arguably, the most important job in the United States needs to exercise even harsher penalties against candidates than all the lower jobs in government departments - not let people off just because their name seems too big to be prosecuted.

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