22 April 2016

Rep Press shames Clinton's dishonesty

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Amidst the heat of battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, Representative Press urges Democratic voters to choose Sanders over the "dishonest" Clinton.

Appealing to Clinton supporters to change their minds before it is too late, and not vote for the vicious neoconservative Clinton, political conflict reporter Tom Murphy at the YouTube channel Representative Press commented as follows.

Showing a video of Clinton laughing off Sanders when he accuses her of supporting destructive wars such as the US aggression in Iraq and Libya, the playlist description reads as follows:
Hillary Clinton has a track record of a being dishonest, disrespectful and arrogant politician who accepts money from powerful interests like Wall Street and sells out the working class by voting against legislation that would help us.
She gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches for the rich and powerful and then she does the bidding of the rich and powerful.
Representative Press is best known for candidly discussing the real motive of the 9/11 attacks against the United States using YouTube and other services - US support for the Zionist Israeli regime.

Watch the new playlist at YouTube to see Representative Press coverage of Clinton's history of deceit.

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