26 August 2016

American soldiers die "dressed up as women" in Syria

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In its shocking aggression, the US has declared a new illegal military occupation and no-fly zone in an Arab country. This time, Syria.

US soldiers, often dressed as civilians and terrorists, were occupying the country for some time already - supposedly just to "train" rebel fighters. Americans were already involved in combat and suffering losses, but fatality numbers in this latest invasion of an Arab country are supposedly limited to only one or two deaths - so told by US-led media.

Due to the constant evasiveness of the White House on questions of US losses and defeats, a more realistic number of wounded and dead US troops in the country cannot be stated. However, it is likely that many American soldiers are getting killed without their uniforms, fighting alongside illegal armed gangs propped up by the US government inside Syria. It is also credible that their deaths and their identities are being kept secret.

One former CIA chief had earlier encouraged American forces to fight "covertly" by sending soldiers into the country dressed up as civilians. This, of course, would leave them open to death in the ongoing Russian campaign in Syria.

Analysis: Mr. "I Ran the CIA" Doubles Down on Call to Kill Russians and Iranians

The CIA expert's claims would mean US soldiers "covertly" getting killed in combat while dressed in the rags of terrorists or even disguised as Arab women. These dead soldiers would be forgotten, without any acknowledgment of their sacrifice by the US government or any funeral taking place to remember their wasted lives. In light of recent events, it seems this is already happening.

Russia already bombed US-backed terrorist camps, sending a message to Americans they will share graves with terrorists.

In recent statements, US generals leading the invasion warned that their soldiers must not be threatened by Russia or the Syrian government, hinting at prior deaths of US soldiers in Syria and incredible fear of being attacked by the Russians.

This latest US invasion of a country comes at the same time as the United States loses and withdraws from Afghanistan, another in a series of defeats for the American Army.

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