5 August 2016

The Mont Order reacts to world events

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The digital Mont Order society talked about world events on July 23.

Below are some of the comments that came out of the text version of their audio conference.

On Jeremy Corbyn's future

"Labour MPs in the UK have demonstrated backstabbing behavior in their efforts to remove Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition. The Order, while not being a pro-Corbyn group, considers ongoing schemes against Corbyn to be illegitimate acts of bullying."

On the failed coup and Erdogan's actions in Turkey

"Members of the Mont Order believe Turkish President Erdogan plotted and exploited the failed military coup against him in order to seize more power and demand the detention or execution of his opponents. Lists of those arrested appeared to have been prepared prior to the events."

On events in Indian-occupied Kashmir

"The solution to the military occupation and actions by resistance groups in Indian-controlled Kashmir is a referendum on the future of this conflict-prone region. The blinding of children caused by pellet guns, and the killings by Indian forces, amount to cruelties and atrocities by the Indian regime"

On Islamophobia and terrorism in Europe and the US

""Integration", humiliation of Muslims by the state, and blaming Islam for violence are non-answers to terrorist threats. These steps will only deepen tensions and extremist views on all sides in European countries, where terrorist incidents have occurred. We have noted that incidents in Europe are beginning to resemble a more American pattern of "mass shootings" but similar tragedies have curiously not been occurring in the UK"

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