2 August 2016

Hurt Hillary faces wicked WikiLeaks

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Asked if he had anything personal against Hillary Clinton in the midst of emails exposing the Democratic National Convention's (DNC) lies and biases to support her, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange rejected false media stories.

CNN journalist Anderson Cooper confronted Assange with the allegations that WikiLeaks may be unduly interfering in the US election, that he may be helping Russia interfere in the US election, and that he may be acting on his own personal contempt for Clinton.
Despite the fact Hillary Clinton is opposed to press freedom and the circulation of the truth about the US regime, and despite the fact Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, Julian Assange defended the "pristine" nature of information published by WikiLeaks. The organization is not motivated by anything personal against Clinton, he said. All WikiLeaks does is expose raw data given to it in a timely manner and with minimum curation, so it can allow the public to form their own opinions. It is for this reason that the US regime has been so devastated and humiliated by WikiLeaks and is losing the information war with its critics.

Hillary Clinton has already been vetted and nodded in as the next president by the undemocratic regime. The criminal has already played a key role in planning and orchestrating catastrophic aggression by the US regime in the Middle East and intends to continue such crimes once in office.

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