26 July 2016

DNC only ever intended Clinton to rule

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Extreme bias guided the Democratic National Convention (DNC) involvement in the campaigns of opposing Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks-released emails indicate that the leadership of the Democratic Party had already decided who must rule the country well ahead of any kind of democratic choice made by the people.

While the DNC is supposed to be impartial, it had instead sided wholly with Clinton and sought to derail Sanders' campaign from the beginning (as reported at TheHill), showing constant frustration with Sanders and trying to portray his campaign in a negative light at every opportunity. With the national elite managing to defeat Sanders and ganging up on Donald Trump, the US presidential election has descended even further into farce.

Apparently, only the bare minimum appearance of a farcical election is enough for the US regime to declare itself the most vibrant and successful democracy in the world.

The leaked emails are a substantial blow to the US regime's claims of being a "democracy", and even worse for the Democratic Party's claims of being democratic.

So offended are many of Sanders' supporters, that many have pledged to vote for Donald Trump in order to only bar the dangerous and bloodthirsty foreign policy hawk Clinton from power.

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